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Investing in Bay Area Real Estate

Real Estate is only one piece of a healthy financial portfolio. Many clients are confused about whether their rental property is actually helping them achieve their overall financial goals. Sudden life events like a divorce, death of parent or unexpected long term care expenses may force you to look at what changes you can make to increase your cash flow. Others clients are proactively planning for retirement or are seasoned real estate investors building their wealth. In any of these situations, having a clear understanding about what your options are, is the key to taking well-informed risks.

“Dream bigger and take bigger risks.”

The right investment property needs to be looked at as part of a bigger picture. San Francisco is an expensive market, with opportunity when you have a localized real estate investment strategy. At the Level Up Group, we can help you identify, assess and negotiate the right property for your portfolio. We partner with investment advisors like Scott Fong at SIFF Real Estate Investment Services to deliver an overall picture of investment options for all of your real estate needs including purchasing, selling, exchanging or managing your properties.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, we can help you discuss, refine and execute your investment real estate transactions in the Bay Area. The Level Up Group is a community of real people, a team of talented professionals, all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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Contact us to talk about taking the next step in identifying the right investment for you or start your search for Bay Area Investment properties below.